Trailers & Video

This theatrical trailer for the film asks the question, “What will guide you?”

A brief video segment explaining some of the background of the project, including interviews with Bautista Cajicuwa, the man whose life story is told in the film, and Christopher Bessette, the Writer and Director of the film.

Yanomamö leaders in Coshilowäteli Village, Amazonas, Venezuela, tell what they think of the finished film. Note: these interviews were filmed by friends in their village in Venezuela nearly a year after the completion of the film because the government no longer allows entry of outsiders to the area nor easy travel for Yanomamö outside of their area.

Dr. Jim Yost, well-known for his work among indigenous groups in the Amazon,gives his perspective on the film, it’s portrayal of indigenous culture, and on the issue of culture change.

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