Production Notes

our 24 ft crane inside a village set

Our 24 ft crane inside a village set

The Enemy God was originally set to be filmed in the actual locations where the events of the film took place, in the Amazonas province of Venezuela. Due to political problems, and even with permits from government agencies in hand, we were forced to cancel production in early 2005. After over a year of waiting and negotiating, we made the painful decision to relocate the production to another country. Our plan was to enlist the collaboration of another indigenous group who would agree to portray the Yanomamö and to tell their story for them. Ultimately, in January 2007, we began production of the film in Belize, Central America.

Red Blood Village cast and crew

Red Blood Village cast and crew

Almost all of the actors in the film are indigenous K’ekchi’ people, a sub-group of the Maya. The film’s spoken dialogue is in K’ekchi’, with a few phrases of Spanish and English thrown in by certain characters. Nearly 300 K’ekchi’ were employed as actors and crew for pre-production and principal photography.


We have written some articles about the production of the film. You can download them as .PDF files by clicking on their titles. We hope these articles are enjoyable reading.


The film is in distribution in 11 foreign territories. For DVD sales, please see our web store on this site. For streaming rental or purchase, go to: “The Enemy God” on Vimeo On Demand.




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