The Story

A Yanomamö Shaman’s Story

young-shake-celebrationHere in the Amazon jungle, where the spirit world and the natural world merge, Shake has reached the highest honor a Yanomamö shaman can attain, that of ‘child-eater.’ Traveling in the spirit to an enemy’s village to loose your demons results in many deaths, and the reverence of your people. Shake has possession of many spirits, but the Spirit most feared by all Yanomamö, is one they call Yai Wanonabälewä – The Enemy God.

That was forty years ago, when Shake was a young man, before the nabas came to challenge his beliefs, before Shake was set on a search for truth – the truth that would ultimately shake a nation. Parallel story paths cover fifty years as Shake asks who can be trusted and whether the spirits he called friends have led him by deceit.


Today the sky churns once again, as a nation stands on the brink of bloodshed. Shake prays, shamans chant and warriors head to their canoes as a nation divided prepares for war. Caught in the epic struggle are young Yanomamö lovers, a girl trying to escape her brutal life from the village tangled in the old ways and a man from a village of the new ways who tries to rescue her. The history of the fierce people is at a crossroads. Will a nation captured by deceit be set free? In a true story of spiritual warfare, love versus loathing, revenge versus peace, will truth and grace prevail? Will a nation survive? At the edge of destruction, on the brink of war, what happens when a Yanomamö shaman stands in the presence of The Enemy God?

Watch the behind-the-scenes, interviews, and the trailers (on the TRAILERS page) to hear the story from the Yanomamö themselves.

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