The Second Trail (book)

Behind The Scenes of The Enemy God

“A prayer by an isolated tribe in the jungle turns into a dream carried by a man to his family, resulting in a vision that becomes a story that is shared with the world. Christopher Bessette,  Writer/Director – The Enemy God

“This book is an exciting adventure in the art of filmmaking in a challenging environment and among diverse cultures.  It was about a dream fulfilled and a God who made it all come together.  I couldn’t put it down!” Lita Stang

If you’ve seen the film, or are just purchasing it for the first time, you don’t want to miss this personal account of the making of the film – an incredible story itself!

Setbacks, spiritual warfare, amazing provision, delays, Indian uprisings, and dashed expectations were all very much a part of this miraculous story of God’s hand at work. In The Second Trail, author and film crew member, Amber Castagna, gives us an insider’s tour of the untold story of the making of The Enemy God.

Recommended reading for all ages. The included bonus DVD contains scenes from the film, crew interviews, trailers, and an explanation of shamanism.

By Amber Castagna. 218 pages, 2010

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