Spirit of the Rainforest: A Yanomamö Shaman’s Story

SOTR-for-TEG-store-400The Yanomamö of the Amazon – endangered children of nature or indigenous warmongers on the verge of destroying themselves? Now a powerful Yanomamö shaman speaks for his people. Jungleman provides shocking, never-before-answered accounts of life-or-death battles among his people – and perhaps even more disturbing among the spirits who fight for their souls. Brutally riveting, the story of Jungleman is an extraordinary and powerful document. Great for pre-field training in understanding the realities of spiritual worldviews and for those supporting tribal work.

“… there is an uncomfortable irony here for us all; that those who are studied might offer their own self-understanding in place of our ethnographies … a most interesting document … for the vivid window it opens on aspects of Yanomamö shamanism.” Dr. Neil Whitehead, American Anthropologist journal

By Mark Andrew Ritchie. 288 pages. 2nd Edition.

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