What people are saying about The Enemy God film…

Talking Stick Festival program

“The Enemy God is captivating. It is a highly recommended movie.”

- Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder

“…one of the most amazing films I have ever experienced.”

- Dr. Zaven Khatchaturian, Film Curator
Arpa International Film Festival, Hollywood

“I personally watched 400 films for this festival and with yours I was glued from the first frame. I was captivated.”

- Jennifer Corinna, Festival Director,
Brilliant Light Int’l Film Festival of Los Angeles

“It will draw the praise of those who let the story seep into their hearts. If you have a chance to see it, you’ll be moved.”

- Cher Smith,

“This challenges you. This rewards you. This opens your heart. This just penetrates your soul and makes a remote people that you may not think you have a lot in common with, you realize their identity is as important to them as it is with those of us who are so swept away with our own modern lives. It took the integrity and the truth that is inherent in documentary film making and put it into a feature film in such a way I had never seen before. This is something that is totally innovative about this film.”

- Alex Kalognomos, Festiva Director, Arpa Int’l Film Fest

and others…

“I absolutely loved it. It impacted my life and I look forward to see what it does to others.”

“Wonderfully important film and story.”

“… very interesting and thought-provoking.”

“Your storytelling, from the Yanomamö perspective, is very valuable and beautiful.”

“What I soon discovered that what was made was a cinematic invention indeed. It was something I had not seen before, second it was done so skillfully.”

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