Trailer in Español

The Yanomamö story takes place in South America, after all.

Here’s a recently updated trailer, in Spanish. We’re hoping for a broadcast release in Spain in the near future.

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Napoleon Chagnon – Renewed Controversy

Dr. Napoleon Chagnon, the man whose research and writings really put the Yanomamö on the map (in Western eyes), has recently released a new book. I have not yet read it, but he’s been making the rounds of the media and has been getting a lot of press.

Interestingly, at the same time he has [...]

Sale Pricing on DVDs

The Enemy God DVD

Looking for a unique gift for a movie lover, culture lover, fan of all things indigenous; we’ve got a perfect gift – The Enemy God film on DVD!

Click on the links above or THIS LINK to learn more and order this special film.

We also offer further discounts for [...]

Film Screening in Toronto

We’re please to announce a special screening of The Enemy God in Toronto on February 19th. That’s next Saturday night. It is hosted by MissionFest Toronto [...]

New Years News about The Enemy God film

2011 is here and it’s shaping up to be a good one. Here are a few highlights:

The film will be released on DVD in Australia and New Zealand. The distributor, Third Millennium Entertainment, has it slated for mid-June 2011. There will be a special screening of the film on Feb 19th in Toronto, Canada. [...]

Belize Benefit Screening

Folks in Belize are rightly proud of the work they did on our film, The Enemy God. We’re pleased that they’ve selected the film as part of this special benefit festival. This is from a note we received this week from the festival Director: