About Us

Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God was produced by 10X Productions, a non-profit film production company that is based in Littleton, Colorado, USA. You can find out more information about 10X Productions here. Our primary purpose is to develop and produce mass-media visual communication tools for the purpose of exposing a wide audience to the spiritual stories of the varied peoples of the world.

If you would like to contact us directly for any reason, please use the following e-mail link: info@theenemygod.com

Who’s Who

Yanomamö elder and Executive Producer

Yanomamö elder and Executive Producer

Bautista Cajicuwa (left) – Bautista was a respected leader among his people, the Yanomamö of Venezuela. He and others from his tribe came to us, asking us to help them tell their story. Bautista traveled extensively around North America. He shared the story of the Yanomamö people in such colleges as Stanford and MIT. He felt he was only one voice and can only do so much. Bautista passed away in 2016, but was passionate to to have his story told more broadly. He felt that a film containing the Yanomamö story is be able to influence a much broader audience.

Tom Khazoyan – Producer/Editor

“Telling this story – how transformation reaches across culture, time, and distance to bring hope and freedom – is a passion for me.”

Fitting all of the pieces together to see The Enemy God become a reality is Tom’s job. Tom is committed to use his 30+ years of experience in film and video production to see it happen. Tom has won numerous awards for his work as a producer, director, writer, cameraman and editor on projects ranging from dramatic films to television commercials to documentaries.

Matt Castagna – Producer

Matt and his family lived in Latin America for 12 years. They now live in Denver, Colorado where Matt has worked in media for the past 20 years. He has been involved as a cameraman, audio technician, editor, and producer. Matt has a passion to tell stories with spiritual themes which are set in cross-cultural settings.

Christopher Bessette – Writer and Director

Christopher is from the Niagara Falls area of Canada. He is a filmmaker and has won numerous awards for the films he has written and directed. He also has a real heart for the TEG film project, going above and beyond the call of duty to see this story become a reality. Check out his web site to see some of the projects he has been involved in: www.terrapin-point.com.

John Petrella – Director of Photography

John is the Director of Photography for the film. He is from the Niagara Falls area of Canada and enjoys nature photography and is also an accomplished painter. John and Christopher have collaborated on several projects for which John has won numerous awards. He has been gifted with and incredible “eye” for detail. Check out his web site to see some of the projects he has been involved in: www.johnpetrella.ca.

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